Timonene (hello...in Chitonga!:)
First and foremost, a resounding "Thank You" to all who donated to Reflections for RIPPLE so far. Just a few weeks in and already we’ve raised more than $500 dollars globally. Back from snowy Sunday night run, and happy I was able to hop in yesterday in the balmy 45 degree December heat wave! Only a week into Winter (officially), and it already feels like spring…

The lack of wind and abundant sunshine made for a pleasant dip for yesterday's Week 4 swim. Lake Malawi has much of the same in aquatic presence, sound and feel; all the way on the other side of the globe, these bodies of water are remarkably similar.

As we all prepare to ring in the New Year, most of us will pledge resolutions for 2014. I’m heck bent on nullifying my gosh-darn foul mouth. No swearing for 2014. I’m hopeful.

Both small and large, the rationale behind making this pledge is our influence in looking to the future and planning ahead. We’ve adopted this mindset into our culture and daily routine, yet this mindset is not as prevalent in Malawi.

Routine and life is never more than a day ahead of itself. It is a trait most often seen in impoverished communities, where little thought is given to planning ahead. And though this delicate balance of present-minded living and a fruitful outlook is a tight-rope neither Western culture nor 3rd world country walk perfectly, it is an educational staple that shows great potential if balanced properly.

RIPPLE Africa’s environmental conservation projects help promote sustainable initiatives that otherwise would deplete natural resources in the areas. From deforestation by-laws, enacted by local villages, to fish conservation projects on the lake, RIPPLE Africa's educational core is ever-present.

As we all make our New Years resolutions this week for 2014, think of the promise of what that newly-found resolution could make in Malawi. It could mean a world difference, a common thread, worlds away.



09/25/2016 1:28pm


09/26/2016 1:02am

Its amazing and awesome images of this article. Every person want to see snow because snow falling is great scene for us. Africa is beautiful country.

10/03/2016 10:04am

Do you think Africa is the best place for education? We should donate for moving out)

10/03/2016 10:05am

You can have a donation from me if you would continue to post on the blog! Just try!

04/17/2017 7:00pm

It has been a good year for RIPPLE, and that makes me really happy. This organization who helps people who are in great need deserves all the blessings that come. I just hope that the people behind this organization would never get tired of serving the organization. They are part of the success of course! The coming year would be great too, let's wish for that!


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