Timonene (hello...in Chitonga!:)
Ice! Dang nab. For my Week 2 swim I departed Saturday afternoon for a quick dip near the North Ave beaches. 28 degree air and light wind made for an enjoyable run and pre-swim sweat.

Much to my dismay, once I arrived near the beaches I found there was no place to hop in: Ice had built up from the strong NE winds from the night prior. Not going in here then.

Returning home for a 2pm Ultimate Frisbee game, I then scouted out a few other spots around Chicago where ice may not have built up. Even the Montrose Beaches were out of the question. Belmont Harbor Dog Beach it is!

After Frisbee, I saddled up once more, got a good 3-mile'r in before shedding my clothes, getting some odd looks and breaking through some Titanic-size ice chunks to hop in. The windless night made for a calm and collected few minutes after (shiver'less of course), though I did happen to slice open the ole air box (nose) on some ice.

I was fortunate to have an alternative place to swim this past Saturday. Like many things in life we can all relate to the good fortune of having options: What we eat, where we vacation, where we work, how we spend our free time, etc.

Options are less commonplace in Malawi, and in some cases non-existent. For instance:

Where to attend school - There isn't a school within 25km of here
What to eat - There is only casava, an abundant crop, with little nutrients
Where to seek medical help - The closest clinic is an hour bus ride away and costs money

RIPPLE Africa's charitable work in Northern Malawi helps create options for locals, empowering them in their own accord. Schools are built around the area, medical dispensaries opened, doctors housed and crop education promoted....to name just a few projects.

Through your donations, RIPPLE Africa is able to provide funding to projects like this; often ones that are needed most in the area. Their discretion in understanding what is needed on the ground in Malawi and the mantra of 'Providing a Hand Up, Not a Hand Out' are a one-two punch that creates unparallelled efficiencies for a charitable organization.

One-two punch that ice! Options are a beautiful thing.



Kevin Hylant
12/16/2013 8:09am

You're insane!! Miss ya man.

10/30/2016 12:22am

People are doing the swimming for your interest and few people are making the pool in garden. Children are so happy for swimming and few people are joining the swimming club for training.

06/27/2017 8:14am

You guys are great! I like how you conduct charity work for the less fortunate people of Malawi. It is very heart warming to know that there are still good hearted people like you guys. I hope you gained a lot of donations. I also hope that you will achieve your goal for charity. However, good luck on your ventures for charity.

12/23/2016 6:21am

Hello admin,
This is Ismat Raza. I just have read the article about the 2nd week of swimming of you. As everyone knows that the best exercise is swimming if you have the resources.
Thank you

12/23/2016 6:34am

Hello admin,
I have read your article i just see that and notice that you have a great weekend while you was enjoying the swimming.


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04/28/2017 8:07am

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05/05/2017 3:14pm

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05/12/2017 7:44pm

You are promoting RIPPLE Africa very well. I believe that featuring some stories about them on your blog affects the sudden increase of volunteers who wanted to help the organization. By saying that, I think you are doing a great job! Not all people would be so kind to do such charitable act. You deserve to enjoy and be acknowledged at the same time. I hope you keep on helping the organization in your own way!

06/27/2017 8:10am



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