Timonene (hello...in Chitonga!:)
This past Saturday proved to be a delightful day to swim. I managed to make it out prior to the recent cold snap we’re enveloped in at the moment. Jippers its nippers now!

SW winds from Thursday and Friday pushed a lot of the ice off shore, allowing me to hop in near North Ave beaches. I even had a quick respite from the wind upon drying off. A welcome lull while catching my breath and enjoying the fresh cool air whilst being shiver'less!

A big component of my weekly swims is to raise funds for RIPPLE Africa's projects in Malawi. Though equally important is informing you guys (folks around these parts) about my time spent volunteering. 

There are hardships indeed, one's that I want to make people aware of, and fortunately answers to these problems as well. Thanks to your donations + RIPPLE's way of operating on the ground, there's a bright future to be had.

As such, I'm keen to paint a vivid picture of the people, landscape and culture of Malawi.

And in our harsh gray (and snowy white) winters here in Chicago, allow me to elaborate on a stroke of good fortune found on my travels to Malawi: Quite simply, a country rich in colors, a pallet of cultural wonders and tropical mystique. The metaphorical ‘bridge’ here is in color. Allow me to explain.

The best part of my run/swim is the few minutes after I get out of the water, and am able to stand comfortably, breathe deep, and reflect on RIPPLE...It's not called 'Reflections for RIPPLE' for nothing!

Seeing the small icebergs being pushed offshore from the SW winds, and their abrupt contrast to the aqua and turquoise colored lake made for a very reflective transport back to the colors of Malawi.

Here are some examples of how color in Malawi really popped off its canvas, forever ingrained and permeated on my own pallet. Enjoy the pictures and captions…and make a donation J

1. Oranges and Lemons
They're green! Primarily due to the elevation and rainy season, both oranges and lemons retain an almost full green color, even when ripe. It's a bit backwards to our orange oranges and yellow lemons, but my are they delicious! Albeit a bit tart, but then again, you would tear up just a pinch knowing how good they taste.

2. Pre-dawn
Malawi opened my eyes to the colors of the sunrise. Seeing the golden orb, or more fitting, the sun star (!) peak above the distant Tanzanian mountain range across Lake Malawi is a true sight to behold. Even more exotic in color, was the realization of discovering the pre-dawn colors. About 30 minute before the sun rises the most magnificent color shine bright in the sky, only then to briefly recede before the full force of direct sun light. If you've never seen the green pre-sunrise color, etched in the sky's spectrum, well...

3. CCM Grey

The Changu-Changu-Moto may not seem so colorful from the outset. It is after all, grey, and gosh-darn that's about the last color we need here in Chicago. However, knowing that this fuel efficient stove is made entirely of local material, like: sand, earth, water and manure, and is able to provide a safer and more effective way of cooking all while reducing wood consumption, just tickles me pink. Paired with a small, concentrated fire the contrast of grey and flame is chilling. You'll never look at grey the same.



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