Timonene (hello...in Chitonga!:)
Selfishly, this week's reflection topic sprouted from the inevitable ice thaw at permafrost ground zero...Soldier Hockey Blackhawks hockey baby! Building up to this Saturday night blizzard of a game, witnessing a historic Toews .v Crosby matchup at Soldier Field in a now confirmed lake-effect snow dump was indescribable. Can you tell!?

Pondering this on a beautiful Saturday morning run with the sun shining, crisp air and a not-so-friendly 15-18 knot NNW wind made for heightened cerebral and contact experience. Saturday was also Mr. Douglas Baker's first plunge into the artic-like temperatures. Doug casually runs sometimes ludicrous 16-mile intervals after work, just like that. 

And as stressed prior, these swims are all about process and routine, Doug did what Doug does...an 8-mile blast South, whereupon I would meet him after my 4-mile blast in a specific mile marker window.

If you haven't gathered, you must be hunting for the premise... there are some monumental events occurring!

Though they are my own, monumental events are relative to oneself, different for everyone. What we can distill from this type of elation, whether big or small, here or there, his or hers is that there is a common thread of excitement and satisfaction to be had. 

And so what if you could share that excitement. What if you played a part in creating that emotion for someone? Choose whole heartily here, but for me I found this ever-so apparent in Malawi. 

To dial it in even further let’s talk about RIPPLE’s staple environmental project, the CCM fuel efficient stoves. I’m not talking Easy Bake Oven here folks! These compact, locally-made stoves reduce wood consumption drastically and are a much safer alternative to 3-stone fires.

A grim reality to life in Malawi is that many children are burned from the larger, more dangerous 3-stone fire setup. Smoke inhalation and lung problems are also a factor worth considering and very real. Collecting wood for these 3-stone fires is also no small task. Forested areas simply cannot recover from over-consumption, having a detrimental effect on rainfall and erosion.

RIPPLE’s CCM stoves are a vivid example of a full-cycle environmental project that has immediate and future effects both in human health and environmental sustainability.

Relative to Malawi, implementing a CCM stove is a game changer for families, a monumental event.  To support initiatives like RIPPLE’s CCM project is an opportunity in conservation and safety, but also playing a part in creating a Monumental Event that far exceeds its monetary value.

Be an agent of monumental change, and donate to RIPPLE Africa’s CCM cook stove project. You know the drill.





05/14/2016 2:45am

I like to share these types of blog to my friends who like to read the blogs for gaining good thoughts and informations.

06/06/2016 8:54am

Monumental week is celebrated for the historical and previously taking places and events. It is the venture of the fasciations of the things and all primal goals. It is the vital and reformed with the good and soundness.

10/03/2016 10:35am

Are you ready to change the world with a new project? I hope so!

10/03/2016 10:36am

This is a great day for all the members of RIPPLE’s project. We are finally done!

01/16/2017 9:48pm

3. Keep it up. Continue blogging. Hoping to perusing your next post


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