Timonene (hello...in Chitonga!:)
Our weekly winter swims represent a lovely to way to have a moment in present time. This weekend's swim was especially present-minded, being the first night swim of the season. I know, I know. Night swimming doesn't sound like that good of an idea...but, no matter. Week 19 had a real 'up in the air' feel to it, as Gardner and I both ran in the Chi-Town Half Saturday morning. We had contemplated hoping in after finishing, but we're both battered and already cooled off from our runs. Our choice reflects just how vital a good sweat is before jumping in, and with an already cooled-off body and dehydration setting in, I imagine the swim would've been a real chill'er. 

With a Sunday swim out of the picture, Monday night had taken the cake. Getting in after dark seems a pinch daunting at first, but ends up being an enjoyable experience. Less people on the path and the anonymity of the darkness make the whole experience a bit more personal and unique. Temperatures Monday evening were a balmy 48 degrees with a moderate breeze out of the NE. And with the ice finally vacated from the beaches, the only barrier to entry, was the visual darkness and head-on wind. 

And oh what a feeling. Taking daylight out of the picture heightens other senses: recognizing the gradient of the beach and its similarity to Mwaya: Or focusing on the distant horizon and the vague line it draws across the sky: Even the air breathes a calmer breathe as the day makes way for night. 

In all, a reflection reminiscent of the heightened awareness felt in Malawi, sometimes best left to those on the ground at RIPPLE. In that case, Megan Canning, one of RIPPLE Africa UK employees, presently pursuing her MSc in International Development had these lovely words to share in her recent 2-month stay in Malawi. Below, an excerpt offering insight to said heightened senses and above all else, community: 

It is this shared community which leads to love, fulfillment and happiness here at Mwaya. Add to this sleeping under the stars, swimming in the lake, rising with the sunshine, listening to the singing of children, giving in completely to the experience; this is happiness.

Read Megan's complete story here. And as always, donations to RIPPLE Africa can be made below.






07/07/2015 8:18pm

That was cool! Swimming with good friends really matter to me. I’m so pleased whenever weekend appears I feel excited and happy because that’s the time me and my friends is going to the beach and having overnight swimming. Sounds sweet that if we are not able to swim, we are in the kitchen doing little crazy things invented the dish for a slumber party.

10/03/2016 10:20am

Someday I would start a trip over all the cool swimming places of the world! that is so exciting!

10/03/2016 10:22am

I love to swim under the stars sky over a busy day and left behind all the troubles. This is my time only!

05/12/2017 12:39pm

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