Timonene (hello...in Chitonga!:)

In typical Chicago fashion, our weekly Reflections for RIPPLE swim started with a monsoon-style downpour followed by sub-freezing air temperatures. Not a bad way to end a lovely spring-like weekend around these parts. Week 20's fickle rain showers also meant that our swim took place during the evening, adding to the visceral experience of hoping in Lake Michigan's dimly city-lit shoreline.

Reflections for RIPPLE also welcomed a new swimmer, Katie Doehla, to the weekly swim. An avid runner and supporter of our cause, Katie wanted to get a first-hand understanding of our mission to support RIPPLE's charitable work in Malawi. One of the unforeseen joys of these weekly swims has been fellow swimmers appreciation to this endeavor. Despite my often over-detailed accounts of each week, they are a distant second to the actual physical experience of burning off a sweat by way of lake immersion. In that light, a fundamental element present both in Malawi and Chicago of simply sharing moments in person. Fostering that human-to-human connectivity was at the core of each memory I have of my time spent in Malawi.

Prior to departing for our run, the unwelcomed sense of uneasiness and butterflies was very much present. 40'ish degree rain-driven wind meant conditions were doable, but far from ideal. Ironically, sometimes a dry 20-degree day can be more pleasant than throwing rain into the mix: As always, a good hard sweat is priority number one. 

Ready to get our run started, Katie and I watched as light rain turned to downpours, tough weather to build up that inner sweat around. However a break in the clouds meant we had limited time to get down to the beach and back before the next big cell broke overhead. Cutting our way through Lincoln Park we made our way to the lakefront to find a strong NE wind and wave action waiting for us, yet the rain had vanished to make way for a distant cloudy and ominous horizon: A dusk reminiscent of a season past.

Our quick swim was tremendous! Neither a chill nor tooth chatter was felt by either Katie or myself. Tough weather for a first swim in my opinion! And of course on our run back, the sky began to open up once more. Reaching our Webster steps, rain quickly consumed the night's air. 

Circling back to our point of sharing moments, I would encourage anyone reading this post to consider joining our weekly swim. Reflections for RIPPLE officially ends in Mid-May, and the next month is an excellent time to consider taking the plunge with a bunch of us goofballs. Between my brother Colin, Doug Baker, Gardner Yost, Kyle Sullivan and Katie Doehla, we've all had an opportunity to share one of Chicago's greatest assets (the Lake yo!) at a socially-questionable time of year. And without a shiver among any of us. A redefined comfort level for coping with Chicago's frigid winter weather; but more importantly, a way for us all to connect in a human-to-human capacity. In our tech-laden world, it is this writers humble opinion that we as a society need more emphasis on interaction like this. That opinion wasn't found online or in the app store, but world's away in a community blessed with an abundance of love and interaction with each other. 



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03/09/2017 12:38am

It is nice when people use all their resources to donate in charity without leaving something for themselves. I am not talking about leaving something which can be monetary. They find time to come up with fun activities that can also help others at the same time. I think they are the best people in the world. We should support them.


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01/06/2015 9:23pm

Actually, even many are saying that winter is not the best season to swim.. Me too! I really love winter to swim, I remember my late friend that loves to shower all day, I think she doesn't want dirt even in a little piece with her skin. Lol! We, my friends are enjoying winter swimming with our kids.


It is a cool! Never seen anything like it!

10/13/2015 3:53am

We have a very cold ocean in winter so I wount decide to swim.

11/05/2015 8:13am

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You two are looking very good together and I pray for you to live like this for ever throughout your life. It will be every exciting to swim in that cold water. I can’t dare to do so.


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